Jeevan Amar

Jeevan Amar (855)

  • Amar Jeevan is an exclusive pure protecion plan with Regular, Limited Payment & Single Payment opions.
  • It is the best plan for Life Protecion with lowest premium
  • In this plan, the life assured gets the life cover ill the age of 80 Years
  • The discount in premium is available for non-smokers
  • Guaranteed increase of 10% in Sum Assured every year.
  • Death Beneit is also available in installments.
  • Single Premium Payment opion under this is also available.
How Does This Policy Work
Sample illustration
Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Age Single Premium: 90 Days (Completed) Limited Premium Option-I: 90 Days (Completed) Limited Premium Option-II: 45 Years (Near Birthday) Single Premium: 44 Years (Near Birthday) Limited Premium Option-I: 60 Years (Near Birthday) Limited Premium Option-II: 65 Years (Near Birthday)
Policy Term 18 Years
Premium Payment Term Single & 5 Years
Sum Assured Rs.1 Lac No Limit
Age at Maturity 18 Years (Completed) Single Premium: 62 Years (Near Birthday) Limited Premium Option-I: 75 Years Limited Premium Option-II: 80 Years